Been a busy several months…

So as most of you have probably heard by now, I left CVS back in July to pursue other opportunities. I wasn’t sure what that was going to entail at the time, but I had some ideas floating through my head. Continue reading

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Farewell Retail

After looking at my work schedule for the next few weeks, its becoming real. CVS and I are parting ways after 17 months. I gave notice back on Monday evening telling management that I am exploring other options.

If you have been following along on my Facebook, you’ll notice that I’ve started talking about coding. You’ll wonder what am I talking about… After noticing a lot of requests for mobile app developers, I’ve decided to teach myself (with a little bit of help from family) how to create mobile apps. My first project will be announced shortly.

In the meantime, I’m continuing on with Renzenberger in Franklin Park. I got a permanent shift out here after floating for a few months!

The humidity is still off the charts as is Mother Nature’s need to remind us she’s in charge… 😳😜

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A year has flown. Time to reflect…

It doesn’t quite feel real that a year ago yesterday, my co-workers and I were saying “See you soon” to each other after working the better part of 3 years together at Dominick’s. Some more than others… Continue reading

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2014 in review

(Note from the editor: Guess I better blog some more. I may have more to write about in 2015! 🙂 ) Continue reading

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News has been leaked…

I can finally say that I am stepping out of retail and into a better job! Continue reading

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Dominick’s news…1 year later…

I’ve been bad at blogging but I’ll update everyone here!

I was hoping that I wouldn’t have to think about this day, but I was reminded by many former colleagues why October 10, 2013 will hold in everybody’s mind. That was, unfortunately, the day employees were pulled into the office and notified that Safeway was pulling out of the market by the beginning of 2014. Continue reading

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Diag and Beermiscuous

South Lakeview Neighbors hosted a follow-up meeting between Diag Bar and the neighbors in response to the November meeting, in which complaints were brought up against the Lakeview sports bar.
President Perry Castrovillari opened up the meeting by announcing that there are some new businesses that opened up in Lakeview and a few have closed.
Commander Voulgaris, 19th District, gave an update about the crime in the area, including the increase in Catalytic Converter thefts. He said that thieves are looking to see who is home and who isn’t. He is also now responsible for signing off on street fairs and parades. He encouraged neighbors that if they had any concerns about parades or festivals to contact him.
Paul Leamon, founder of Beermiscuous, a craft beer cafe which is getting ready to open in Lakeview at 2812 N. Lincoln Avenue. Leamon is hoping that the cafe will be one for people to come, use their computers inside or chat with friends while enjoying some craft beer.Beermiscuous will have retail-like hours. They have applied for 2 licenses, including being able to sell packaged beer. This is a BYOF (Bring Your Own Food) as they do not intend to add a kitchen. Leamon is introducing it as a gateway into South Lakeview. As was mentioned by Elizabeth Gomez from Alderman Waguespack’s office, since Beermiscuous won’t be selling food, they do not qualify for a sidewalk cafe permit. Leamon is hoping for around 60 seats on the inside for people to relax.

Eric and Ryan from Diag Bar and Grill came back up in front of the members to provide updates from the concerns of the neighbors. They have taken care of several issues including adding a new refuse bin in the alley, power-washing the alley, and fixing the sound system. Gomez also said that the office has only received one complaint since the November meeting. Diag owners were reminded of the trolley issue and have been dealing with them on an individual basis. Gomez stated that as the weather gets warmer, they will come back again to make sure things are moving forward not backwards. The alderman’s office does take compliments as well as complaints. Several neighbors have expressed their thanks to the owners of Diag for fixing most of the issues that were brought up at the previous meeting.
Former SLN President David Duggan was invited to speak to introduce his new book, Glimpses of Grace. His book is based on his personal faith journey from columns that he has written over the years.

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